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SOBHA’s Civil division contributes to the development and growth of the group’s vision of erecting state of the art, unique projects. From the structure of the project to its block laying, plastering, tiling, and finishing, the civil sector of the group has a paramount part to play, from a project’s inception, right through to its completion and delivery to the client. We embrace practices that assure the best in quality output that is often considered luxury in the region. Sobha’s team of civil and structural engineers have expertise in the design, drafting and construction of buildings that meet client needs across a range of domains, and they use cutting-edge technology at every step of the construction process that differentiates them from the local industry, giving them a competitive lead.

A range of specialized services fall under the Sobha Civil engineering framework of Sobha Constructions.  Our use of leading-edge construction technology paired with experienced engineers in the field, places us at the forefront of some of the best construction companies in the country. The incorporation of digital transformation by our structural engineering team, coupled with developments in infrastructure and designs, gives us a premium edge in the market, making our plans and progress accessible to everyone involved in the construction process at the touch of an app. Our progressive processes, techniques and multi-layered checks ensure that our deliverables pass the highest standards for quality and durability. No stone is left unturned in the execution of our projects, and we ensure that the defect liability period is as short as possible to ensure any errors are rectified at the earliest throughout the construction process and at handover. Upon project completion, we stringently follow-up and measure any potential defects per occupancy, allowing us to measure our progress against these as a benchmark of our quality.

The role we play

From a project’s inception to its completion, Sobha Civil takes part in fundamentally all the functions that relate to construction, apart from the electromechanical elements. Our department is involved with every aspect related to the start-up structural works, leading to masonry, finishing, and then, implementing the final quality checks before delivery to our end users. Sobha Civil plays a vital role in converting ideas and blueprints into a reality that is sustainable and user friendly, without compromising quality and durability.

Our services

Under the wing of Sobha Civil, we provide distinct engineering services that address elements pertaining to construction, design, and maintenance, ranging from residential development and certification, strategic asset management and condition, structural steel design and analysis, equipment and building foundations, and complete concrete design and construction - above and below-ground.


Sobha’s Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) division, accounts for the efficacy of a construction site after its completion. It is what gives life to the structure of a building, while giving its occupants the comforts of modern day living. The MEP wing of the company plays a significant role in all the stages of the construction process. A MEP plan is the key to successful construction projects, as it helps ensure all necessary systems are in place and meet industry standards. Our experienced team of engineers and technicians provide expert input at every step of the process, from design to installation, testing and fidelity checks to ensure quality is maintained throughout the process.

Sobha MEP effectively utilizes the backward integration business model within the group. We have etched a strong reputation for ourselves in the field of MEP services within the country through excellent commitment, sustained growth, and stability, by ensuring timely delivery of quality work on unmatched budget. We continuously strive to meet the demands of the construction industry and not only match but surpass in our performance of meeting the end user’s expectations, in all aspects of quality, value and innovation. To achieve this, the MEP department takes care of three crucial aspects during the process of construction, mechanical, electronic, and plumbing.


The mechanical design elements of a building relate specifically to the heating and cooling systems which help make life inside a unit more comfortable. These systems allow end users to occupy buildings in varying temperatures. It also includes the installation of lifts to allow for ease of accessibility across these units.


The electrical systems are what allows for buildings and devices within these structures to be operational. Architectural lighting design and plans are a crucial component of the electrical engineering process and ensure the seamless functionality of electrical systems in these units.


The plumbing unit ensures the plumbing systems within our units are effectively and efficiently operating to ensure fresh and clean water is supplied to our end users for drinking, cleaning, and other uses. Additionally, they ensure that rain and sanitary wastewater are taken away from these units safely and through dedicated drainage pipes, to ensure the safe disposable of water and avoid any chance of flooding.

Infrastructure & Landscaping

The infrastructure division of Sobha Constructions delivers complex large-scale projects through execution excellence and uncompromising quality. With the rapid development of technical information and continuous introduction of new materials and technologies, we strive to always grow with the market and broaden our depth of experiences, to deliver better and more impressive projects. Our aim is to create high-quality sustainable infrastructure, by fostering a culture of innovation and idea generation, through employee engagement. This has produced individual and team creativeness and brought to life ideas that not only improve the aesthetic of the roads and surroundings, but also support the overall reduction of temperatures in the region, providing constructive mechanisms to support our sustainability goals.

When we look at infrastructure, a small percentage of the elements involved are visible to laypeople. These may include things such as footpaths, roads, landscaping, and so forth. Think about your drive down a road – do you experience any turbulence or disturbance on your journey? Are there sufficient speed controls in place? These (and much more) are the elements that account for the durability, functionality, and ultimate quality of infrastructure; they lay underground and depict its efficiency and effectiveness. Fundamentally, the quality in the performance of the infrastructure lies in its design and robustness. Our standards are on par, and in many instances, above that of many of the local market competitors. Moreover, without compromise, we ensure all our projects receive the necessary approvals and go through inspection by DEWA, Etisalat, and all other necessary entities, to meet and maintain the highest standards of quality checks.

The role we play

Our infrastructure division looks at how best it can improve the functionality of our residential units. We integrate the most advanced technological practices and accessibility solutions into everyday elements, such as speed control monitors in the form of Emoji signals and elevated ramps that merge with the pedestrian crossings, to allow for an enhanced quality of life within the community. Looking into the near future, our road network mechanisms are now complete for many of our projects, and we are awaiting the final stages which will allow our systems to be connected and integrated with the mainstream RTA transport network, thus providing our communities with up-to-date information regarding traffic flow in and out of our communities. 

Our services

Infrastructure is an integral part of Sobha Constructions. Our expertise and services include turnkey solutions for earth work, road works, asphalt and paving, road signage, street lighting, landscaping, pedestrian accessibility and accommodations, footpaths, traffic signals, speed control monitors and signage, and similar works that are considered as the lifeline of infrastructure.


Sobha Facades designs, manufactures, and installs the finest Aluminium facades using innovative CNC machinery and AI-driven production scheduling system, thus ensuring every product delivers undisputed quality and reliability. We are constantly adapting to present day industry standards and go above and beyond to deliver the best in quality. We implement and introduce new best practices and are the first in the facade industry to be qualified with the ISO 18404:2015 certification standard on Lean Six Sigma, positioning us as the industry pioneers in incorporating the methodology into our line of production. Our processes are aligned with the most advanced digital practices in the business, and our use of these technologies make us a prominent player in the industry, always keeping us one step ahead of others globally.

We pride ourselves in being one of the world's best facade manufacturers.  With quality as our core principle, we conduct ourselves not only by leading industry standards, but by an intrinsic consideration for innovation and the use of state-of-the-art technical expertise.  Our services have been accredited with the ISO 18404:2015 certification standard on Lean Six Sigma, assuring our clients that consignments are made with the utmost precision and minimal errors. We also endeavour to transform ourselves continuously and stay with and ahead of the times in today’s digitally driven world and infrastructure, and our efforts were recognized at the Construction and Technology Festival in Dubai 2022, with the receipt of the ‘Digital Transformation of The Year’ Award.

The role we play

We design exterior facades that make for a pleasing visual on the outside while being proportionally accurate to the building’s architectural principles. This encompasses a range of disciplines such as, structural engineering and construction management. We develop and provide technical expertise at each key phase of the facade design and procurement process keeping up an efficient and timely operation. With a growing family of over 600 employees, we strive to develop expertise to a level that goes beyond the best in the industry. We channel innovation from every division in our workforce and our innovation management team ensures that ideas which have the best potential to increase not only productivity, but also, profitability and quality, are selected and put into practice.

Our services

Our professional facade engineering services include design, engineering and fabrication of facade systems, in-house production of aluminium systems, facilitation of products such as curtain walls, window walls, composite panels, sliding doors, hinged doors, and casements.


The modular section of Sobha constructions accounts for our continual growth and is in line with the UAE’s sustainability goals. Our aim is to produce high-quality optimal spaces, while reducing the waste generated in the process of construction. Construction can be a costly and endlessly time-consuming endeavor; to combat these challenges, we have designed modular bathroom units called PODs to significantly reduce time taken to execute a project, without compromising our quality standards. At Sobha Modular, we produce ‘modules’ at an off-site location, which are later put together on-site. Our large-scale production of modular pods has placed us on the map amongst the best modular companies internationally.

We consider ourselves to be key players in the industry that have challenged conventional construction and engineering processes to attain new heights in the competition. Integrating modular units into our projects has cut down timelines and increased efficiency in the management of our overall processes. Our journey into the modular unit industry kicked off with bathroom pods – a part of the enterprise that have the most footfall and take considerable time to design and build. Our premium designed pods eradicated the challenges faced in the construction process. Our plans of expansion give us a projection of being the world’s number one modular company soon, and by following the Total Quality Management (TQM) approach we ensure productivity is at its highest grade. Without compromising design and quality, we also pride ourselves in achieving these goals by being aligned with the UAE’s Net Zero Policy, which is aimed at reducing wastage in construction.

The role we play

Our job at Sobha Modular is to make quality modular units that can later be fitted as a completely constructed and ready to be integrated room or facility at our project sites.  This replicates the plug and play model to ensure that the units are made to fit in with the plumbing and electrical provisions, while being designed in such a way that they blend in seamlessly with the final product. Our production value and designs are considered among the top modular companies in the world.

Our services

We have established our business by making modular bathroom pods. These come fitted, furnished, and finished at a manufacturing unit off-site, and are moved in bulk to the site of the project ready to be put together.  We are working towards expanding our line of modular units to other facilities and spaces which would eventually optimize efficiency and productivity of the projects we provide.

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