We pride ourselves in being one of the world's best facade manufacturers.  With quality as our core principle, we conduct ourselves not only by leading industry standards, but by an intrinsic consideration for innovation and the use of state-of-the-art technical expertise.  Our services have been accredited with the ISO 18404:2015 certification standard on Lean Six Sigma, assuring our clients that consignments are made with the utmost precision and minimal errors. We also endeavour to transform ourselves continuously and stay with and ahead of the times in today’s digitally driven world and infrastructure, and our efforts were recognized at the Construction and Technology Festival in Dubai 2022, with the receipt of the ‘Digital Transformation of The Year’ Award.

The role we play

We design exterior facades that make for a pleasing visual on the outside while being proportionally accurate to the building’s architectural principles. This encompasses a range of disciplines such as, structural engineering and construction management. We develop and provide technical expertise at each key phase of the facade design and procurement process keeping up an efficient and timely operation. With a growing family of over 600 employees, we strive to develop expertise to a level that goes beyond the best in the industry. We channel innovation from every division in our workforce and our innovation management team ensures that ideas which have the best potential to increase not only productivity, but also, profitability and quality, are selected and put into practice.

Our services

Our professional facade engineering services include design, engineering and fabrication of facade systems, in-house production of aluminium systems, facilitation of products such as curtain walls, window walls, composite panels, sliding doors, hinged doors, and casements.