We consider ourselves to be key players in the industry that have challenged conventional construction and engineering processes to attain new heights in the competition. Integrating modular units into our projects has cut down timelines and increased efficiency in the management of our overall processes. Our journey into the modular unit industry kicked off with bathroom pods – a part of the enterprise that have the most footfall and take considerable time to design and build. Our premium designed pods eradicated the challenges faced in the construction process. Our plans of expansion give us a projection of being the world’s number one modular company soon, and by following the Total Quality Management (TQM) approach we ensure productivity is at its highest grade. Without compromising design and quality, we also pride ourselves in achieving these goals by being aligned with the UAE’s Net Zero Policy, which is aimed at reducing wastage in construction.

The role we play

Our job at Sobha Modular is to make quality modular units that can later be fitted as a completely constructed and ready to be integrated room or facility at our project sites.  This replicates the plug and play model to ensure that the units are made to fit in with the plumbing and electrical provisions, while being designed in such a way that they blend in seamlessly with the final product. Our production value and designs are considered among the top modular companies in the world.

Our services

We have established our business by making modular bathroom pods. These come fitted, furnished, and finished at a manufacturing unit off-site, and are moved in bulk to the site of the project ready to be put together.  We are working towards expanding our line of modular units to other facilities and spaces which would eventually optimize efficiency and productivity of the projects we provide.