Infrastructure & Landscaping

When we look at infrastructure, a small percentage of the elements involved are visible to laypeople. These may include things such as footpaths, roads, landscaping, and so forth. Think about your drive down a road – do you experience any turbulence or disturbance on your journey? Are there sufficient speed controls in place? These (and much more) are the elements that account for the durability, functionality, and ultimate quality of infrastructure; they lay underground and depict its efficiency and effectiveness. Fundamentally, the quality in the performance of the infrastructure lies in its design and robustness. Our standards are on par, and in many instances, above that of many of the local market competitors. Moreover, without compromise, we ensure all our projects receive the necessary approvals and go through inspection by DEWA, Etisalat, and all other necessary entities, to meet and maintain the highest standards of quality checks.

The role we play

Our infrastructure division looks at how best it can improve the functionality of our residential units. We integrate the most advanced technological practices and accessibility solutions into everyday elements, such as speed control monitors in the form of Emoji signals and elevated ramps that merge with the pedestrian crossings, to allow for an enhanced quality of life within the community. Looking into the near future, our road network mechanisms are now complete for many of our projects, and we are awaiting the final stages which will allow our systems to be connected and integrated with the mainstream RTA transport network, thus providing our communities with up-to-date information regarding traffic flow in and out of our communities. 

Our services

Infrastructure is an integral part of Sobha Constructions. Our expertise and services include turnkey solutions for earth work, road works, asphalt and paving, road signage, street lighting, landscaping, pedestrian accessibility and accommodations, footpaths, traffic signals, speed control monitors and signage, and similar works that are considered as the lifeline of infrastructure.