A range of specialized services fall under the Sobha Civil engineering framework of Sobha Constructions.  Our use of leading-edge construction technology paired with experienced engineers in the field, places us at the forefront of some of the best construction companies in the country. The incorporation of digital transformation by our structural engineering team, coupled with developments in infrastructure and designs, gives us a premium edge in the market, making our plans and progress accessible to everyone involved in the construction process at the touch of an app. Our progressive processes, techniques and multi-layered checks ensure that our deliverables pass the highest standards for quality and durability. No stone is left unturned in the execution of our projects, and we ensure that the defect liability period is as short as possible to ensure any errors are rectified at the earliest throughout the construction process and at handover. Upon project completion, we stringently follow-up and measure any potential defects per occupancy, allowing us to measure our progress against these as a benchmark of our quality.

The role we play

From a project’s inception to its completion, Sobha Civil takes part in fundamentally all the functions that relate to construction, apart from the electromechanical elements. Our department is involved with every aspect related to the start-up structural works, leading to masonry, finishing, and then, implementing the final quality checks before delivery to our end users. Sobha Civil plays a vital role in converting ideas and blueprints into a reality that is sustainable and user friendly, without compromising quality and durability.

Our services

Under the wing of Sobha Civil, we provide distinct engineering services that address elements pertaining to construction, design, and maintenance, ranging from residential development and certification, strategic asset management and condition, structural steel design and analysis, equipment and building foundations, and complete concrete design and construction - above and below-ground.