Sobha MEP effectively utilizes the backward integration business model within the group. We have etched a strong reputation for ourselves in the field of MEP services within the country through excellent commitment, sustained growth, and stability, by ensuring timely delivery of quality work on unmatched budget. We continuously strive to meet the demands of the construction industry and not only match but surpass in our performance of meeting the end user’s expectations, in all aspects of quality, value and innovation. To achieve this, the MEP department takes care of three crucial aspects during the process of construction, mechanical, electronic, and plumbing.


The mechanical design elements of a building relate specifically to the heating and cooling systems which help make life inside a unit more comfortable. These systems allow end users to occupy buildings in varying temperatures. It also includes the installation of lifts to allow for ease of accessibility across these units.


The electrical systems are what allows for buildings and devices within these structures to be operational. Architectural lighting design and plans are a crucial component of the electrical engineering process and ensure the seamless functionality of electrical systems in these units.


The plumbing unit ensures the plumbing systems within our units are effectively and efficiently operating to ensure fresh and clean water is supplied to our end users for drinking, cleaning, and other uses. Additionally, they ensure that rain and sanitary wastewater are taken away from these units safely and through dedicated drainage pipes, to ensure the safe disposable of water and avoid any chance of flooding.