We adhere to sustainable construction practices aimed at decreasing carbon emissions through efficient resource management and adopting innovative sustainable technologies. Various energy reduction strategies are widely implemented throughout our construction and facility management operations. Our projects are executed in compliance with robust energy efficiency standards and state-of-the-art smart building technology for improved customer satisfaction and indoor well-being for the building occupants. In recognition of this our residential project was awarded the Project of The Year in the Indoor Environmental Quality Category by Climate Control Awards.

We strive for reduction in paper waste generation by going digital in maximum areas for our document recording / processing and the remaining paper waste generated are recycled to ensure diversion from landfill while saving valuable virgin material. Our developments have 20 to 30% open spaces contributing to climate change mitigation and enhancing resident’s experience with nature friendly spaces. Few of our projects shall have District cooling air-conditioning system which will achieve reduced carbon emissions and about 35-40% less energy consumption compared to conventional cooling systems. We are working towards phasing out our single-use plastic disposable usage in alignment with our climate action goals and the upcoming UAE’s 2024 single use plastic ban announcement.

We believe Sustainability is the responsibility of all stakeholders across the organization as it is an integrative process and requires all individuals to play their part in the global sustainability drive to maintain environmental care and social wellbeing for current and future generations.