Sobha Ideas

As a group, we have always been acceptive and appreciative of all our employees' feedback and ideas. This has paved the way for the implementation of new practices in the company and industry both locally and globally. We keep the lines to our assessments and innovation open to all employees at every tier of the company. We believe that any company can achieve its maximum outcomes and accelerate its business just by implementing new ideas that can improve the standards of quality and shorten the time taken to do so. Our in-house data collection for innovation and feedback is done by the INDONIS application that is present on each of our employee’s phones. Overall, over 2100 innovative ideas were taken from this platform and implemented in the course of our work. Innovators are appreciated and awarded with accolades for the best ideas at the Sobha Ideas Awards Ceremony which happens periodically. Sobha Ideas works best at the technician level, and technicians are encouraged to come up with creative solutions to the challenges they face on a day-to-day basis. In addition, we had also set a goal called ‘Mission 10000,’ which promised to generate a minimum of 10000 solutions from the technicians who work for us on-site. We are proud to mention that the target set has been successfully achieved.